Hydro-Multijet type « HMJ »




  • Energy Dissipation System

Key Features

It deals with a turbine by-pass whose goal aims to restoring the water flow to the river without energy, significant change, cavitation and prejudice for the installation and the environment

  • In case of turbine stop, water is by-passed and returns to the river
  • Design pressure: PN2,5 to PN50
  • Diameter: DN100 to DN1600
  • Energy dissipated in a tranquilization pool
  • Solid stainless steel dissipation multijet sleeve
  • Flow simulation designed specific nozzles
  • Anti-vibration anchorages system to avoid any transmission on civil work
  • Design dedicated to hydropower installations

Design Adapted to Customer Service Conditions

  • Complete range of energy dissipation capacity: from 1MW up to 100MW
  • Vertical, horizontal installation, with tranquilization pool or directly on-line
  • Also usable for:
    • Reserved flow Valve
    • High pressure drain Valve


  • Automatic regulation control command with associated hydraulic High Pressure Unit with associated flowrate
  • Steel liner for walls of limited volume tranquilization pool