D2FC provides a dissipator for the hydroelectric power plant project in Romanche-Gavet

The D2FC  energy dissipation system, Energy valves has just been implanted on the access platform of the Gavet power station (Isère region).  It enables to replace the machine while ensuring the plant flow continuity in case of unplanned shutdown.

Projet Romanche-Gavet Projet Romanche-Gavet Projet Romanche-Gavet

The advantage of this system : avoid extreme flow and pressure variations in the natural bed of the Romanche river, while offering the operator the possibility to regulate the restored flow.

The dissipation system of Romanche-Gavet hydroelectric plant, designed, manufactured and installed by D2FC is a country-first in terms of dissipated power!

D2FC Energy Valves ensures on-site installations with its D2FC services Grenoble branch.

The dissipator is fitted with 4 DN 1200 PN 34 dissipations branches and a 12,5 m3/s flow per branch, that is a 33MV maximum dissipated power per branch.

Projet Romanche-Gavet Projet Romanche-Gavet Projet Romanche-Gavet Projet Romanche-Gavet